Start Patientenberichte New York : Migrains, Allergies, Rheumatism

Dear Dr. Zimmermann,

lt is only one week left until our return to Badenweiler and we look very much forward to it! Not only for the treatments but to see you again, your friendly personnel, the beautiful Klinik and the charming Badenweiler with its surroundings.

Has been almost one year ever since our first treatment with you and must tell you that we both feel wonderful!

I lost my migraines completely, from which I suffered for 17 years.

I haven't had a single one in this past year, which is unbelievable for me!

Not only that, but my allergies are gone just as well and the joint pain and aches are gone. My mood changed radically and I have a lot of energy, everybody is telling me that I am a totally different person, and I must tell you I feel that I feel as a new human being. I cannot thank you enough for your help, Dr. Zimmermann.

Rodica and I lost a lot of weight following your advice and we manage to keep the extra pounds off. We changed our eating habits completely to your recommendations and it works out like magic. However, we know there is no magic to it, it's only you, Dr. Zimmermann! We are looking forward to see you.

All the best wishes, Constantin & Rodica,

25. April 2006